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Drive type: All-Wheel Fuel tank capacity:25.1 Gallons
Base engine type:V-6 Max towing capacity:5,800 Lbs.
Horsepower:350 HP Horsepower RPM:6,500
Van Length:235.5" Body height: 110.1"
Body width:81.3"
  • 5 solar panels generating 862 watts
  • Victron Solar Charge Controller MPPT 150 | 70 – Tr
  • Lithionics 12V 555AH F27 GTX Battery
  • Lithionics NeverDie® Battery Management System
  • Victron MultiPlus Compact 12/3000/120a 120V
  • Battery Management System, Solar Charge Controller, and Multiplus Inverter controlled via Bluetooth Smartphone apps
  • Nations Dual Alternator Kit with 280XP Alternator
  • MC614H Balmer Max Charge Digital Regulator and Temperature Sensor
  • BlueSea solar & electrical componentry to include Class T Fuses
  • MARINCO stainless steel shore power inlet​